Megan Brown, top Canadian Runner

A personal message from a world-class Canadian Runner, Megan Brown:

My name is Megan Brown. I am a very lucky athlete.

At the beginning of 2007, I was at the height of my athletic career – my training volume was at its peak and I was in the shape of my life. However, with each passing week, I was finding it increasingly more difficult to recover from my workouts and I felt like I was always on the verge of illness and injury. Thankfully, through the recommendation of a friend, I was introduced to the Female Athlete Triad Coalition.

I now know, with the help of the scientists and researchers at the Female Athlete Triad Coalition, that I was not fueling my body for peak performance. I was in a major calorie deficit and a result, my body did not have the energy required for recovery, perform in a manner commensurate with my high intensity training, and as I came to realize with the help of the Coalition experts, my health was at risk. I learned that despite all my exercise, my bone density in my spine was low and that not getting my period was not good for my health. I was reluctant at first to believe that my body needed the amount of calories they indicated, but when I did eat enough to balance the calories I was burning with exercise, my energy improved, I began recovering from workouts and I training and started to compete better. In fact, I just began having my periods again – a sign that my body is responding to a healthier condition.

Please join me in supporting the work of the Female Athlete Triad Coalition. There is much more research to do to understand the causes and long-term effects of the Female Athlete Triad, a syndrome of energy deficit, menstrual problems and bone loss. We also need to educate young female athletes about the risks they face for long-term bone health, reproductive health and performance. Together we can foster the healthy growth and development of our young women and female athletes.

Your generosity and contribution today will help to support the Coalition’s educational and research goals.

Thank you for your support.



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