Research Studies

“REFUEL” Active Women’s Study II:

The Impact of Increased Caloric Intake on Bone Health and Menstrual Cyclicity in Energy Deficient Exercising Women

The purpose of this study is to test the effectiveness of 12 months of increased food intake to improve bone health and restore menstrual cycles in women with menstrual disturbances who exercise regularly and have a chronic energy deficit.

Mary Jane De Souza, Ph.D. and Nancy I. Williams, Sc.D.
Women’s Health and Exercise Laboratory
Department of Kinesiology
Penn State University
110 Noll Laboratory
University Park, PA 16802

All testing associated with this research project will be done at the Women’s Health and Exercise Laboratory located inside Noll Laboratory at Penn State University.

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Research Study for Female Athletes and Dancers

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Go Out and Play: Youth Sports in America (2008)


Don Sabo, Ph.D. and Phil Veliz, M.A

Summary: A new, exhaustive study has been presented which measures the nationwide participation rates of girls and boys in exercise and organized team sports. This 188 page report, co-authored by Don Sabo, Ph.D., and Phil Veliz, M.A, was developed through a collaboration between the Women’s Sports Foundation and the Center for Research on Physical Activity, Sport & Health. The research involved is the first of its kind and focuses on how the intersections among families, schools and communities are related to children’s involvement and interest in athletics and physical activity.

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